Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me got burned

I got a wee bit of a sunburn today. but only on my neck, ears, face and lips. Ya know, the parts exposed to the sun. I KNEW I would too. I did! I chose not to put sunscreen on. Why,I dunno.
I was out playing baseball all day. I should have put some on.

We played 3 games in the Goodyear/United Way Tourney today and won the B Champs. It was a good day. We had fun.
It wasn't really stinkin hot today, which tricks you into thinking you aren't getting sunburned.
I used Garry's Demarini F3 and I liked it. I hit like shit but it wasn't the bat. I still want to get one of those bats. And I will sometime. It's way better than that crap ass Worth Insanity bat I bought last year! Ting!!

I watched Hellboy 2 after the baseball. Not too bad.

Now my hammy is tightening up. Great. Aaaah, it's worth it! I love baseball!

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