Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I still don't get "emo"

I went to see Jucifer last night. This band called Fear Before The March Of Flames played before them. I guess they would be considered "screamo". But all the kids that were there to see them were your emo kids.
Swooped haircuts on the guys.
Straight billed ballcaps.
GIRLS PANTS!! cutoff just below the knee or rolled up. Huh?
They are all about 100 lbs regardless of height.
The dumbest "dancing" I have EVER seen. It makes Elaine from Seinfeld look like Fred Astaire.

I have tried to think of what those same kids would be when I was that age. The best I can reckon would be goth? Isn't that what the misunderstood youth of the mid-90's were? Listening to Marilyn Manson and the like.
Can we go back to that? fishnet sleeves and black nail polish (80's-eye makeup, 90's nail polish, 00's girls pants)

I just know that in like 5 years they are going to look back and themselves and laugh/cry at how ridiculous they look.
I will admit that I look back at my late teens-early 20's and laugh. I had the very very baggy pants, backwards ballcap, or spiked hair. Total Fred Durst impersonator except it wasn't a Yankees hat. I hate the Yankees.

I just wish that when I went to a show I didn't have to worry about some kids spazzing out and hitting me with dancemoves. That there would be people honest-to-goodness headbanging, some horns being thrown.

The Terror/Warriors/Death Before Dishonor show on Labour Day should be better. Real hardcore.

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