Monday, August 25, 2008

Poop Flinging Baby and a Blog-worthy Sandwich

I'll start with the sandwich. That way you can stop, make one, eat it and then come back to read the rest. Possibly the best sandwich I have ever made. Here goes: Bacon, scrambled eggs (cooked in the bacon grease), and a cheese slice on buttered brown toast. Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Now for the poop flinging baby. When I heard Amelia playing in her crib I thought I would just leave her be because she wasn't fussing. At one point, I thought, "hmmm, what if she got her diaper off?" (I didn't know what Becky had put her to bed in) A little while later she started crying and I went in to get her. Lo and behold, the diaper is on the floor, Amelia is only wearing a shirt and there is poo all over the place. She's sitting it, it's smeared on the sheets. There is even some on her blanket box. Which is not in a position to catch a roll out. It was tossed over the end of the crib!
Why I thought that might be the case before I even went in there is beyond me but it happened nonetheless. The really weird thing is that the first thought that popped into my head upon discovering the scene was the cover of Green Day's Dookie album and the monkey with the poop in his hand and the thought bubble saying "Throw?"

Have a nice sandwich!

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