Friday, August 8, 2008

Live review: Jucifer

I saw Jucifer in Kingston on Monday (AUg 4) and the Time to Laugh Club. I wasn't sure what to expect going in. I was quite familiar with their music but had never seem them live. I didn't know if they had any touring musicians or if it was just Amber and Edgar.
I was just Amber and Edgar but that was all that was necessary.
First, they had this MASSIVE wall of amps. Almost identical to the big one their video for Pontius of Palia ( They didn't play that song.
Unless you are a total nimrod, you can figure that stack was LOUD. And how.
I don't think I have EVER been to a show that loud. I saw Morbid Angel/Static-X/Pantera/Slayer once and that was nothin. I had this weird waffling sensation in my ears after the show. Like the echo of a stream cascading over rocks. Fuckin' weird.
I could break down the song list but honestly, most of the time I didn't know the name of the song. I don't really remember that shit. What I can say is they mostly played the heavier side of their catalogue for the better part of an hour. From grindy to deathy to flat out noise.
The emo crowd cleared out pretty quick once they started playing (support provided by FBTMOF).
Amber comes on to a darkened stage and, from what I could tell, sprayed Pam on her strings. I think. Then proceeds to make love to her guitar. You can't tell me she doesn't get the jollies from the heavy low end tone and that oversized stack of amps. Edgar makes his way onstage after a few minutes and wham!!! They takes off and we are all blinded by the numerous worklamps scattered around the stage and on top of the amps. The retinal scarring only last a few moments so no permanent damage was done.
I have been to a fair bit of shows and I would have to say Jucifer put on one of the best I have ever seen. Amber Valentine is second to none as a frontwoman. She brings a very confident stage presence. Her range as a vocalist is just amazing and the way she plays the guitar like it's a partner......It certainly commands attention. The only thing is, Edgar Livengood commands just as much attention. I never seen a drummer play with such conviction. Each time he pounds something it's like his life depends on it. Like a man posessed. Coon-skin cap in tow, he goes from the sludge timing to flat out grind drumming in a heartbeat. He looks like a demon hell bent on destruction for the low to mid-tempo stuff and when it gets really fast his face morphs into a state of ecstacy. I was tempted to check under his stool for someone on their knees.
Maybe it was just because I was so close to the stage, but when Amber sang her softer stuff, I couldn't really hear her. That's really my only complaint other than the drunk ass that kept hitting Edgars drums with his hands. After he knocked one of the sticks out of his hand someone must have said something to him because he basically stopped moving. I was seconds away from showing him the floor.
If you ever get the chance to check Jucifer out live, don't miss it. You will leave changed.

N.B. Don't (!) forget your earplugs. It hurt.


alnilam said...

Saw them live too! but Ihave to agree with Amber that I didn't think it was too loud...I thought it was therapeutic lol

Matt Hinch said...

Nothing is ever too loud.